Lower your stress.

Prioritize bonding.

Strengthen your home.

You are the powerhouse of your home.

When you feel great, the house feels great.

When you’re “off”, everyone’s off.

Now it’s time to strengthen your home in a NEW WAY.

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“I’m still seeing the benefits in my family

after working with Andrea!”

—Jordan T.

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Lower your stress at dinner time.

Who is Andrea Befus?

Andrea grew up in a home where living healthy was the default and everyone loved each other, but it wasn’t until she left home that she realized that wasn’t the standard.

So many families felt disconnected and she felt called to do something.

Andrea looked back on her life and asked herself, “How did we have such a strong family household amidst all the chaos?” The answer was a strong family dinner time.

Using her I.T. background, Andrea developed, tested, and proved the H.E.F.T.Y. Meal Method that helps moms lower their stress and prioritize building lifelong bonds.

Testimonials of Andrea's H.E.F.T.Y. Meal Method

that Lowers Stress & Strengthens Family Bonds

“The fun and the bonding that has happened in the kitchen and around the table these last few weeks is off the charts! And it's not even a chore as the Mom to pull it all together. HUGE win! Thanks Andrea!!!”

"Despite all the hubbub this week, we still managed to pull off dinners at the table each night thanks to the H.E.F.T.Y. Meal Method!"

"I haven’t been stressed about dinner ONCE this week. I stuck to my goal of being proactive and having a plan (and sticking to it) and it has made mealtime so much more enjoyable!"

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