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The health of our bodies has a great bearing on the performance at work and play. We can't function if we are sick or not feeling well. Health is a big factor in the home. Are we overdosed with prescription drugs? Can we concentrate on our work without distraction? Do we wake up at night when we stop breathing? It is truly sad that our country is the richest and most technologically advanced and yet we are always sick. 

I am a big supporter of keeping to natural medicine as much as possible. The following links might be helpful in helping yourself heal.

There is also a place for reading and posting clean jokes. I still feel that laughter is the best medicine. --- Two years ago I discovered a nutritional product that has helped my family with alergies, asthma and arthritis. I couldn't breath very well at all for about 2 years. My doctor told me I had developed adult asthma and I would have to use an inhaler for the rest of my life. I did not want to do that. I had always been healthy but living in southern Alabama with all of it's pollen and humidity, I developed breathing problems to the point that I could not sleep at night. Enter xango (pronounced zango). After attending a writers conference, some of the women told me about it and I tried a bottle. After a week, I did not need my inhaler any more. I have helped several families in my area with asthma and alergies and they feel so grateful I did. So, if you are one who is looking for a natural way to be healthy without drugs then click on the link and learn all you can about xango and how it can help you. I have since been married since my husband passed away two years ago so my new name is Valerie Foy in Xango.

This is an all around health page which lists certain conditions and how to help them.
This lists conditions and how to help them with herbs. 
This is a page for ADHD sufferers 
This page is for healthy pregnancies  Sean Aston's website on the bipolar affliction and how his mother (Patty Duke) affected the family.

Laughter is the Best Medicine = Funny Stuff

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